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Health Services

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Indonesia has been hit with a lingering crisis. The growing poor population and the soaring prices of basic needs have made the public to be in difficulty in trying to meet the vital needs, including the need of health services. Meanwhile health has become so costly for the poor.

This will result in an unhealthy generation and it will also impact in the future of the country. The need of health services is bound to be ignored, especially by the poor. Hence it is our duty to work together with elements of the country in order to help the public in accessing health services.

Therefore, MER-C as a medical foundation takes part in delivering health services in natural disaster hit areas, poor areas, conflicted areas, in order to call the public to be involve in caring to the people in these places. Our program includes mass circumsissions, social clinics establishment, health talks etc for the poor.

The program is realized, among others, by collaborating with companies / instances / foundations / schools as donors


Aim of the program

1.       to realize the Indonesian government's "Healthy Indonesia" program.

2.       As part of social attention of a companies/instances/schools to the public.

3.       To form a good image of companies/instances in public.

4.       To activate MER-C human resources.

5.       To fund MER-C's humanitarian missions and operational costs.



  Form of Program

The form of program will subject to the agreement between the donors with MER-C Yankes (Health Services) division. MER-C Yankes division itself serves:

1.       Mass circumsissions with the minimum of 20 participants

2.       Mass Treatment with the minimum of 200 patients.



Time and Venue of Program

Day, time and the venue of the program will subject to the agreement between the donors and MER-C Yankes division.


 Objects of Program

Surrounding people of companies / instances / foundations / schools or the public in general in order to elevate the quality of the nation through the deliverance of health services.

Employees and families of employees in order to elevate the health quality of the people in companies / istances / foundations  /schools



So far, MER-C has worked together with:

  • ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia
  • Mobil Cepu Ltd
  • BRI (The Indonesian People Bank)
  • British Petroleum
  • BII (the Indonesian International Bank)
  • Telkomsel
  • BNI 46 (The Indonesian State Bank)
  • PT. Exspan
  • JP Morgan
  • PT. Arutmin, Bumi Resources
  • Badan Dakwah RS Pusat Pertamina/Islamic Body, Pertamina Central hospital
  • Bapekis Bank Mandiri


  • Annisa Islamic group, Wisma Kodel
  • PT. Fortis Investments
  • PT. Adhimix Precast Indonesia
  • Umar Wirahadikusuma Foundation
  • Masjid Al Azhar
  • Labshool Kebayoran
  • PLN Duren Tiga
  • Pertamina Kramat
  • RNI Jakarta
  • Islamic groups, foundations, education institutions, etc


contact person health services division


Phone            : +62 21 3159235

Fax                : +62 21 3159256

Call Center    : +62 811 99 0176

PIN BB         : 2ABB91D5

Email            : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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